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Основная ствола в складке

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The core barrel is a mechanical equipment drilling tool used in building construction, which drills soil and rock by connecting with a rotating drill pipe. Core barrel can be used to build houses, bridges, tunnels, water conservancy and other construction projects.0412


When using the core barrels, a rotary drilling rig is required to cooperate with it to ensure the quality and efficiency of drilling.

Piling work includes the following aspects:

Preparations before drilling: Before drilling, it is necessary to survey and measure the construction site to determine the location and depth of the drilling. At the same time, obstacles on the construction site need to be cleared to ensure the smooth operation of the core barrel.


Piling work: When drilling, the operator who cooperates with the core barrel needs to select the appropriate drill bit and drill pipe according to the engineering requirements, and install them on the rotary drilling rig. During the drilling process, the operator who cooperates with the rotary drill barrel drill needs to master the rotation speed and feed speed of the rotary drill barrel to ensure the quality and efficiency of drilling.


Processing work after drilling: After the drilling is completed, the drilling needs to be inspected and processed. Operators cooperating with the core barrel need to check the diameter, depth and levelness of the drilled holes and reinforce them if necessary.


The following skills and qualities are required to cooperate with the rotary drill core barrel drill:


barrel drillingPossess mechanical operation skills: operators who cooperate with the core barrel need to be proficient in the operation skills of the rotary drilling rig, including the operation of the rotary drill bit and drill pipe, and the speed and feed speed of the rotary drilling barrel.


Possess safety awareness: operators who cooperate with the core barrel need to have safety awareness, abide by safe operating procedures, and ensure that no accidents occur during operation.


Possess the spirit of teamwork: Cooperating with the piling construction requires the cooperation of multiple people. The operator needs to have the spirit of teamwork and coordinate with other staff to ensure the smooth progress of the project.


In short, the construction of deep foundation engineering is a job with high technical content. It requires professional skills and qualities to ensure the quality and efficiency of drilling and provide a strong guarantee for engineering construction.

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